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The following anti ragging squad & disciplinary committee for the below mentioned areas is hereby constituted to take all measures and efficient steps to check, stop ragging in campus. The squad shall make surprise raids in the areas assigned to them regularly.

Sr. No.

Name & Designation

Area Allotted


Sh. R.S. Barwal, HOD, Elect. Engg.

Sh. Manmohan Singh Chandel, Lect. Elect. Engg.

Miss Poonam Thakur, Lect. Chemistry


Complete F-Block


Sh. K.C. Rai, HOD, Mech. Engg.

Sh. Pankaj Thakur, Workshop Supdt.

Sh. Mohan Lal, Lect. Mech. Engg.


Complete D-Block including Library


Sh. Satish Sharma, HOD, Applied Sciences

Sh. Kamlesh Chand, Sr. Lect. Applied Sciences

Ms. Shabnam Sharma, Lect. Maths.


Complete E-Block


Sh. Anil Sen, Sr. Lect. Mech. Engg.

Sh. Parikshit, Lect. Mech. Engg.

Ms. Bandna Devi, Lect. Physics

Ms. Puneeta Thakur, Lect. Elect. Engg.


Complete A & B-Block


Sh. Sandeep Kumar, Lect. Elect. Engg.

Sh. Balwinder Kumar, Foreman

Sh. Jai Lal, Workshop inst.

Ms. Nisha Lect. English


Area in & around academic block and main entrance

• Every single incident of ragging, a FIR shall be lodged without exception by the college authorities with the local police. In addition one or any combination of the following punishments can be awarded.
• Cancellation of admission.
• Suspension from attending classes.
• Withholding / withdrawing scholarship / fellowship and other benefits.
• Debarring from appearing in any test / examination or other evaluation process.
• Withholding results.
• Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, etc.
• Suspension / expulsion from the hostel.
• Rustication from the institution for period ranging from 1 to 4 semesters.
• Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.
Collective punishment: When the persons committing or abetting the crime of ragging are not identified, the institution shall resort to collective punishment as a deterrent to ensure community pressure on the potential raggers.